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Class Actions

Colorado Class Action Lawyer

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Class Action Lawsuits

The lawyers of The Watton Law Group are currently involved in several class action lawsuits both locally and nationally. Our attorneys advocate on behalf of consumers who have been wronged.

A class action is a legal device allowing one person to sue as a plaintiff on behalf of all persons likely to have experienced the same injury. Class actions are often brought against corporations, such as telephone companies and banks, when they overcharge or otherwise mistreat many customers in the same way. They are brought against the manufacturers of defective products. They may also be brought against a company or its officers on behalf of a class of shareholders in the company.

Consumer Class Action Lawsuits

Consumers who have been the victims of fraudulent conduct, unfair business practices, data breaches/identity theft, and faulty products have recourse to sue the companies responsible for these products, practices, and events. Unfortunately, corporations sometimes resort to unfair business practices, cheating consumers out of seemingly small amounts of money, reasoning that the individual consumer will be powerless to take on the large manufacturer in a court of law. By employing the class action device, consumers can join their claims together and have a proper mechanism to challenge this corporate misconduct.

Watton Law Group has the necessary experience to litigate consumer class action cases. Our attorneys litigate these cases across the country and against a wide array of industries. If you believe you are the victim of some type of fraudulent conduct or unfair business practice, please click below to contact us.

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Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuits

There are numerous federal and state laws dictating how and when employees are to be paid overtime, which employees are salaried employees exempt from overtime laws and other wage related issues. These laws are frequently the basis of class action suits against employers alleging misclassification of employees as overtime exempt or independent contractors, failure to pay overtime wages, and failing to pay for all hours worked. Some of the most common wage and hour claims include:

  • Forcing employees to work over eight hours per day or forty hours per week without paying required overtime wages.

  • Forcing employees to perform any tasks before clocking in or clocking out (including getting in or out of uniform, running errands, etc.)

  • Forcing employees to report to work without providing at least half their regular shift. These employees may not be sent home without being paid for at least a half day’s shift of not less than two nor more than four hours.

  • Improperly classifying employees as exempt workers in order to avoid paying required overtime wages.

Watton Law Group has experience in litigating wage and hour class actions on behalf of employees. If you believe your employer has violated any of the wage and hour laws, please fill out our contact form.

Product Liability Class Action Lawsuits

If you have been victimized by the purchase of a product that was incorrectly designed, manufactured or contained inadequate warnings as to its hazards, please fill out our contact form.

Antitrust Class Action Lawsuits

Antitrust laws are designed to ensure that markets are free from unlawful price-fixing, market division, monopolization or other attempts to restrain trade. Victims of antitrust violations include the individual consumer who is forced to purchase a good or a service at a price higher than would otherwise prevail in the marketplace. Similarly, small business owners and other competitors of the antitrust violator are also often harmed because the antitrust violator frequently achieves its unlawful aims by putting such competitors out of business in order to monopolize the market.

Watton Law Group has experience in litigating antitrust class action cases on behalf of consumers and small business owners. If you believe you were injured as a result of an antitrust violation, please fill out our contact form.

Securities Class Action Lawsuits

A securities class action is a lawsuit filed by a person or an entity who purchased a company’s debt or equity securities and who has suffered economic injury due to the disclosure or lack of adequate disclosure of information about the company in violation of the securities laws.

If you have a potential securities claim, please fill out our contact form.
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Class Action Investigations

Consumers, borrowers and debtors are invited to email collection letters, loan documents or possible class actions to The Watton Law Group for evaluation. Please visit our contact us page.

Some possible Class Actions include:

  • CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD RECEIPTS: Do you have an electronically generated credit / debit card receipt provided after December 4, 2006, which shows any digits of the credit/debit card number other than the last five or receipts provided after June 6, 2008, which show the expiration date?

  • USE OF CREDIT REPORT INFORMATION IN HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE SCORING: Have your homeowner’s insurance rates increased due to your credit score?

  • CREDIT SECURITY BREACHES: Has a company that you provided a Social Security Number or medical information to, lost information or released that information to the public?

  • MORTGAGE COMPLAINTS AND SERVICER ABUSES: Is your mortgage company misapplying your payments, putting them in suspense, charging you forced placed insurance or overcharging escrow amounts?

  • BANKRUPTCY: Have you filed for Bankruptcy and creditors are still contacting you?

  • TELEMARKETING: Have you received telemarketing text messages or prerecorded phone messages on your cell phone?

  • CAR INSURANCE: Have you been in an uninsured automobile accident and the insurance company only fixed your car? You are probably due additional funds for the loss of resale value.

  • ZOMBIE DEBT: Are you being contacted by debt collectors for debts that are more than 6 years old?

  • JD BYRIDER: Have you purchased an automobile from JD Byrider?

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