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Devastating debts can make every day feel like a struggle. You are not trapped under debt forever, though. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will be able to discharge most or all of your debt, so you can feel financially in control of your life again.

Getting a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing approved has a few steps. Along the way, we will advocate on your behalf, interact with the court, and deal with creditors. To explore your bankruptcy options without stressing yourself out, come to Watton Law Group.

We have a team of Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys who focus on cases much like yours. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at living debt-free, which often starts with the many benefits of bankruptcy. Through our experienced legal counsel and representation, you can discover if bankruptcy is the right solution for you.

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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code has multiple forms or chapters of bankruptcy that allow individuals to discharge certain debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy for individuals who want to remove as much debt as possible, which is why it is sometimes called the “fresh start” bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is the most common form of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 is not for everyone with debt, of course. We typically recommend Chapter 7 to people with overwhelming debt when other debt resolution options will likely not work. No matter what the details of your situation are, we will not rush you. Our team takes pride in finding the right choice for everyone who comes to our firm while always putting their worries at ease.

What are the Pros and Cons of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be exactly what you need to get real, lasting relief from debt.

Benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy include:

  • Ability to discharge large amounts of debt at once.
  • No obligation to repay a percentage of that debt.
  • Debt discharge happens quickly once approved. The typical case lasts 110 days although you receive relief from creditors the first day the case is filed.
  • Creditors cannot harass you while your case is pending.
  • A “fresh start” can revitalize you.

On the other hand, every legal process can come with disadvantages. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is no exception.

Two disadvantages of Chapter 7 bankruptcy are:

  1. Property risks: Unprotected assets and property could be at risk. Our attorneys will focus on protecting your property to the full extent the laws allow. If there is a risk, we will discuss it with you to offer your best options.
  2. Credit score damage: Filing for bankruptcy can be harmful to your credit score. However, it is always possible to repair your credit score. Most decreases are only temporary. Keep in mind that most people considering bankruptcy are already facing credit score issues before filing.

Deciding to pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will be easier when you know more about the potential advantages and challenges. Our Chapter 7 attorneys are happy to help you explore and understand these factors in more detail.

What is the Chapter 7 Means Test?

Eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is restricted only to people who can pass the bankruptcy code’s “means test.” Basically, you need to show that you cannot afford to pay back your debt without assistance. This test requires you to prove that you need to file for bankruptcy, especially when compared to others in your area.

The means test compares your gross income throughout the prior six months and compares it to the median household income in your state. If you make more than the medium income, then there is a more rigorous analysis to determine if bankruptcy is a possibility. The court will use IRS guidelines for expenses plus several of your personal expenses to determine if you can afford to pay a meaningful amount of your debt back over the next 3 to 5 years. Just because you are over the median income does not mean that you cannot file. If after the means test you show you can afford to pay back some of your debt the bankruptcy court will require you to explore other options first, like a Chapter 13 debt adjustment plan.

For more information about Chapter 7, please call (414) 409-5422 and talk with our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys.

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Watton Law Group is ready to help you see the benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. From the first moment you work with our law firm, you will notice how much simpler bankruptcy can be when you have the support of experienced legal professionals who also offer genuine support. Together, we can find a path to financial stability for you and your family.

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Meet Your Team

  • Michael J. Watton, Esq.
  • Michael J. Maloney, Esq.
  • Timothy H. Hassell, Esq.
  • Thomas A. Arany, Esq.
  • Kirk M. Fedewa, Esq.
  • Robert K.S. Abernathy, Esq.
  • Bennett S. Stuckey, Esq.
  • Corrine E. Edwards, Esq.
  • Tyler Rasmussen, Esq.
  • Eli Poferl, Esq.
  • Royce V. LoBianco, Esq
  • Marji Hanson, Esq.
  • Elizabeth Cho, Esq.
  • Alexandra M. Birkner, Esq.
  • James M. Conley, Esq.
  • Lauren Suchan, Esq.
  • Michael J. Watton, Esq. Michael J. Watton, Esq.

    Senior Partner

    Attorney Watton is a leading national consumer bankruptcy attorney who has guided thousands of individuals through debt consolidation plans and bankruptcies.
    Michael J. Watton, Esq. Photo
  • Michael J. Maloney, Esq. Michael J. Maloney, Esq.

    Managing Partner

    Attorney Maloney currently heads the firm’s bankruptcy department. In addition to bankruptcy, Attorney Maloney has successfully pursued payday lenders, debt collectors, and banks in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts for violations of consumer laws.
    Michael J. Maloney, Esq. Photo
  • Timothy H. Hassell, Esq. Timothy H. Hassell, Esq.


    Mr. Hassell is a partner in the firm whose practice focuses on bankruptcy law. Attorney Hassell received his law degree from Marquette University in 2010 and his undergraduate degree in economics from Brigham Young University in 2007.
    Timothy H. Hassell, Esq. Photo
  • Thomas A. Arany, Esq. Thomas A. Arany, Esq.


    Attorney Thomas A. Arany is a partner whose practice focuses on bankruptcy law in Colorado and Utah. Attorney Arany received his law degree from the University of Colorado School of Law in 2010.
    Thomas A. Arany, Esq. Photo
  • Kirk M. Fedewa, Esq. Kirk M. Fedewa, Esq.


    Attorney Kirk M. Fedewa is an associate attorney whose practice focuses on bankruptcy law in Wisconsin. Attorney Fedewa received his law degree from Marquette University Law School in 2014.
    Kirk M. Fedewa, Esq. Photo
  • Robert K.S. Abernathy, Esq. Robert K.S. Abernathy, Esq.


    Attorney Robert K.S. Abernathy is an associate attorney whose practice focuses on bankruptcy law in Missouri and Kansas. Attorney Abernathy received his law degree from Rutgers University School of Law in 2011.
    Robert K.S.  Abernathy, Esq. Photo
  • Bennett S. Stuckey, Esq. Bennett S. Stuckey, Esq.


    Attorney Bennett S. Stuckey, Esq. is an associate bankruptcy attorney who takes a compassionate approach to helping clients find debt relief. Born and raised in Arkansas, he serves clients throughout the state from Watton Law Group’s office in Little Rock.

    Bennett S. Stuckey, Esq. Photo
  • Corrine E. Edwards, Esq. Corrine E. Edwards, Esq.


    Attorney Corrine E. Edwards began her legal career with the understanding that it would allow her to follow her two passions: ...
    Corrine E. Edwards, Esq. Photo
  • Tyler Rasmussen, Esq. Tyler Rasmussen, Esq.


    Tyler Rasmussen is a seasoned attorney with expertise in bankruptcy, landlord/tenant, foreclosure, Social Security, and ...
  • Eli Poferl, Esq. Eli Poferl, Esq.


    Meet Eli Poferl, Esq. of Watton Law Group. Driven to help people out of tough times, he tackles the toughest bankruptcy cases. Call to learn more.
    Eli  Poferl, Esq. Photo
  • Royce V. LoBianco, Esq Royce V. LoBianco, Esq


    Royce LoBianco is a skilled bankruptcy attorney with Watton Law Group, practicing in Arkansas. He is passionate about showing ...
  • Marji Hanson, Esq. Marji Hanson, Esq.


    Marji Hanson is a highly experienced bankruptcy attorney with Watton Law Group. Having spent most of her life in Utah, she is ...
  • Elizabeth Cho, Esq. Elizabeth Cho, Esq.


    Elizabeth Cho is a trusted and accomplished bankruptcy attorney with Watton Law Group. She helps clients throughout Wisconsin ...
  • Alexandra M. Birkner, Esq. Alexandra M. Birkner, Esq.


    Alexandra M. Birkner is an associate attorney who focuses her practice on bankruptcy cases. She understands that reputable ...
  • James M. Conley, Esq. James M. Conley, Esq.


    James M. Conley is an Associate at Watton Law Group who provides client-focused representation from our Colorado office. A ...
  • Lauren Suchan, Esq. Lauren Suchan, Esq.


    Lauren Suchan is a passionate bankruptcy attorney with Watton Law Group, working out of our Kansas City office. She is ...
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